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Tired of John Edwards being Treated as Irrelevant

After CNN's record-setting debate in South Carolina, undecided voters assembled by CNN to give live feedback during the debate preferred candidate John Edwards to Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama.

Edwards, who has given consistently good performances during all of the previous debates, stuck to the issues and gave what turned out to be a stunning performance during the three-person debate in South Carolina. Although some members of 'the media' have made the concession that Edwards won the debate, others are continuing their rather juvenile and lazy obsession with condensing this Presidential race into a boxing match between two opponents.

Apparently, when it comes to Democrats, the media can only look at two at a time whereas the Republicans have enjoyed coverage which has been spread out over a number of candidates.

I know all about Mitt Romney's religion, business management skills, great hair and flip-flopping; Rudy Giuliani's 9-11 syndrome, America's mayor label, cross-dressing adventures and that Cheshire-cat smile; John McCain's positive war hero aura and ridiculous 'the surge is working' proclamations; and Mike Huckabee's fire and brimstone, theocratic, Confederate flag supporting, Kevin-Spacey-looking self.

I'm not even a pundit or political junkie, but I know something off the top of my head (however cursory it is) about at least 4 Republican candidates. FOUR! Not two.

When moving to the Democratic side, there are some people in the same position as I who have all but forgotten there were three competitive, viable candidates in this race.

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